INMODE Morpheus8® in Bridgewater, New Jersey

Our Medical Spa at Nusbaum Medical Centers in Bridgewater, New Jersey offers a variety of laser treatments to address signs of aging, smoothen skin, correct uneven pigmentation, or contour the face and body. We use the INMODE Morpheus8® laser system to restore aged skin and contour your face or small areas of your body. This treatment works best on the lower face (or jowls), the upper arms, or the back area where “bra fat rolls” can develop. The Morpheus8 system is a “Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device” (SARD) that targets adipose (or fat) on your face or body to provide a slimmer contour and smoother skin texture.

If you struggle with signs of aging, a double chin, or unwanted fat in your arms or upper back, please get in touch with us today to see if the Morpheus8® laser system in Bridgewater is right for you. Nusbaum Medical Centers provides plastic surgery and Med Spa treatments to patients in surrounding New Jersey areas, including Warren, Zarephath, Voorhees, Watchung, Weston.

INMODE Morpheus8® goes deep into the layers of your tissues and fat to alter the physical properties of your body and create smoother skin. MORPHEUS8 is a fractional remodeling device that includes these benefits:

  • Delivers even skin results that look very natural
  • Morpheus8 Provides a safe, effective treatment that penetrates your skin by 4,000 microns and thermal energy that extends an additional 1,000 or more microns.
  • Morpheus8 will work on all skin tones with fewer risks of hyperpigmentation and inflammation on dark skin colors than other options.
  • Thermal energy from the laser does not damage the skin tissue in the area.

The INMODE Morpheus8® treatment in Bridgewater promotes the production of new collagen to improve skin elasticity. Collagen is one of the compounds in your body responsible for taut skin. The Morpheus8® eliminates pockets of fat in the treated area to give you a better contour with a youthful texture. This laser system enhances your overall appearance and revives aging skin. You’ll notice results immediately that look natural and radiant.

INMODE Morpheus8® in Bridgewater is best for the back's chin, arm, and bra area but can be used in other areas to address accumulated fat and aging skin. At Nusbaum Medical Centers, we can tailor your laser treatment(s) to suit your needs and address your specific skin condition or cosmetic concern.

If you want skin remodeling and contouring with the Morpheus8® or another laser treatment, please get in touch with our Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation. Nusbaum Medical Centers serves patients in Bridgewater, New Jersey and surrounding areas.