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DOES COOLSCULPTING WORK & The Proof Behind Fat Freezing

Does CoolSculpting work? Many people struggling with bulges or extra fat have wondered this question. For those who want to know if CoolSculpting works, they need look no further. Consider the wide variety of CoolSculpting before and after pictures from real patients who have tried this innovative fat-freezing technology for themselves. Along with before and after pictures, there are scientific reviews, patient reviews, and the success of countless CoolSculpting treatments.

When you look at the proof, you will no longer question if this fat reduction treatment works. You will have all the evidence you need and further reassurance that it is time to schedule your own consultation to see if fat freezing is right for you.

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Does CoolSculpting Work? Look to CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures*

When reading reviews is not enough, CoolSculpting before and after pictures of real patients will help you make your decision. Before and after pictures of CoolSculpting results help to give you a better view of how this procedure reduces bulges of extra fat in your lower abdomen or inner thighs.

*Results may vary per individual

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Does CoolSculpting Work? Read Real CoolSculpting Reviews from Real Patients

If you’re seeking an answer to the question, “Does CoolSculpting work?”, then look no further than positive reviews from real clients.

CoolSculpting results really depend on the technique of the provider. This is one of the biggest reasons to seek out CoolSculpting treatments from only the most trained, knowledgeable providers. Nusbaum Medical Center is a preferred CoolSculpting provider in Morristown, NJ. Nusbaum Medical Center works hard to provide patients with the best CoolSculpting experience and jaw-dropping results. As evident in their excellent CoolSculpting reviews, Nusbaum Medical Center prides itself on offering the best CoolSculpting treatments possible.

CoolSculpting Review on Google

Cindy Shirley

1 review

5 months ago-

The office staff and Physician were outstanding. I had cool sculpting done on extremely flabby upper arms, the results take time to see but WOW it made a huge difference. Five stars to every staff member, all very happy to help!

Does CoolSculpting Work? Scientific Proof Speaks Truth

The results seen in CoolSculpting before and after pictures* clearly illustrate the phenomenal results on even the most stubborn of belly bulges. The patient reviews from real clients rave about their satisfaction at finally seeing a leaner abdomen in the mirror. However, scientific evidence is something that cannot be discredited and stands alone as the true answer to, “Does CoolSculpting work?”

A CoolSculpting study, Safety, tolerance, and patient satisfaction with noninvasive cryolipolysis found that “Caliper measurements demonstrated 23% reduction in fat layer thickness at 3 months. Abdomen, back, and flank treatment sites were most effective, with 86% of subjects showing improvement per investigator assessment.” Another CoolSculpting study, Long-term efficacy follow-up on two cryolipolysis case studies: 6 and 9 years post-treatment, found that the patients involved in the study “demonstrate that cryolipolysis reduces subcutaneous fat for at least 6 and 9 years post-treatment.”

When you look at the scientific studies behind CoolSculpting, it’s no surprise why this noninvasive alternative to liposuction is so highly coveted. It is ideal for individuals looking to reduce their stubborn fat and welcome a more tone, sculpted body into their life.

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CoolSculpting Near Me

Does CoolSculpting work? After reading the reviews from real-life patients, seeing their before and after pictures, and reviewing the scientific results from case studies, you can conclude that CoolSculpting does indeed work. The best way to truly find out if CoolSculpting works is to try it for yourself. Get a firsthand experience at the effects of this fat freezing technology. Contact Nusbaum Medical Center today by filling out the online form below or calling (973) 998-9833 to learn more about their CoolSculpting treatments and get schedule your free consultation today!



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