Doctor Supervised Keto Diet

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Doctor Supervised Keto Diet

With obesity rates nearing 35% in the U.S., there has been an increased focus on low-carb dieting for rapid weight loss. Limiting certain types of foods (carbs in particular) has been linked to lower rates of obesity, inflammation, and diabetes. While concentrating on specific dietary limitations like reducing fat or regulating carbohydrates can be useful, a comprehensive approach has been shown to be most effective when it comes to fat loss. The keto diet is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet that utilizes low-glycemic foods in order to stimulate to ketosis (a fat-burning process that occurs when carbohydrates are no longer stored for energy). The ketogenic diet normally lends itself to high levels of fat; moderate amounts of protein; and low amounts of carbohydrates. Dieters are urged to keep their daily carb intake to a low 20-50 grams. Lowering the intake of carbohydrates consumed is ideal while consuming higher levels of proteins and fats are encouraged.

Generally, a ketogenic diet is most effective when supervised by a doctor because keto-adaptation, or the process of adjusting to the dietary limitations, takes time and diligent monitoring of any potential nutritional deficiencies. The Nusbaum Medical Center for Weight Loss in New Jersey offers a doctor-supervised ketogenic diet in which patients receive 1-2 weeks to keto-adapt and are given supplements like vitamin B12 which can help prevent negative symptoms like headaches and muscle cramping. As a result, the diet becomes more balanced and existing health needs are addressed in order to boost weight loss.

Beyond keto, The Nusbaum Medical Center for Weight Loss in New Jersey – a nationally recognized weight loss center, offers custom-designed weight loss programs and diet consultations to all patients, providing effective support for the Ketogenic Diet. Within the first month, The Nusbaum Medical Center for Weight Loss patients are seeing quick and healthy weight loss, understanding why previous weight loss attempts failed and how to resolve those issues, and are receiving customized, and unique diet plans to suit the needs of every individual.

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