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CoolSculpting Neck Fat is the New, Non-surgical Neck-Lift

CoolSculpting neck fat is hailed as an effective method to lessen the appearance of stubborn fat deposits around the chin and jawline, often known as a double chin. Many patients are choosing it over liposuction. Discover if it is the best route to take to reduce sagging neck or bulging jaws.

This innovative cosmetic procedure involves using an applicator to expose specific body parts to extremely cold temperatures. The fat cells being treated freeze and die. Once cell death occurs, they are naturally removed from the body over time as waste material. This results in long-term fat reduction as there is no way for the dead cells to grow back..1

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Specific Body Parts for Treatment

The makers of the CoolSculpting applicator, Allergen, provide an appealing option to people who admit that they find the presence of subcutaneous fat around the jaw and chin to be unflattering. For some people, losing weight requires more than eating right and physical exercise. If the problem is caused by genetics or aging, it can be difficult to reduce extra fat in these traditional ways.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved process that is efficient in eliminating fat deposits settled around the belly and waist area. After the process was met with huge success, the makers deemed it fit to create additional applicators to target other specific body parts. A new addition to CoolSculpting’s applicator line is the CoolMini applicator. The device targets fat deposits on the chin and jaws.

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CoolSculpting Neck Fat Area Effectiveness

Submental fullness, also sometimes called double chin or jowls, is the stubborn fat in the chin area. It is caused by variables like age and genes. Previously, liposuction was one of the only solutions to a pudgy neck that won’t go away even after concerted effort at the gym.

But with CoolSculpting neck fat, reducing those stubborn fatty deposits is now possible without the need for surgery or having to endure painful injections. Another advantage of this non-invasive process is that there is no downtime. Hence, a patient can immediately go back to their daily routine after treatment.

The process is scientifically proven to be safe and long-lasting as the following data shows:

  • A significant reduction in fat after the initial treatment (20%)
  • Majority of patients who are content with the results after treatment (83%)
  • Most patients are comfortable with the whole process (7/10 patients)
  • Many treated willing to recommend their friends to try it out (8/10 patients)

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