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The SmartLipo New Jersey procedure, also known as laser lipolysis, or laser fat removal, is a non-invasive procedure that targets stubborn fat deposits through a fat laser removal approach. Within this article, we will touch upon the commonly asked questions for laser liposuction, the benefits of this procedure, ideal candidates, best plastic surgeons specializing in laser lipo, cost, and so much more about this in-demand procedure!

What is SmartLipo?

The SmartLipo Device was created within the last decade, being the first laser of its kind to target and remove fat build-up through a less invasive process. Although this process, also known as tumescent liposuction, is not as invasive as traditional liposuction, it still provides durable and effective results!

This laser device was named under its founder and was FDA cleared for use in 2009.

The Laser Liposuction treatment at Nusbaum Medical Centers aims to provide patients with and innovative, non-invasive treatment which:

  • “Liquefies fat” cells
  • Removes fat cells without intensive incisions
  • Fast recovery

SmartLipo is a more advanced and less invasive procedure than traditional liposuction. This method of liposuction treatment uses a single laser that destroys fat cells without requiring sutures. The SmartLipo procedure breaks down stubborn fat stores, tightening the skin and creating a more toned figure.

Recovery time is much shorter and most patients return to work and their normal daily schedule after just a few days.


How does SmartLipo procedure work?

Summary of Laser Lipo Procedure:

During the SmartLipo procedure, the desired area is injected with a saline solution, generally containing local anesthesia. The doctor then inserts a tiny cannula containing the laser fiber into the small incision and directly into the layers of the targeted fat. The energy transferred from the laser causes the fat cells to be destroyed and then drained away.

Each area that is treated takes less than an hour and involves much less bruising and bleeding than traditional liposuction. The usage of the laser results in a very clean and painless procedure with minimal scarring. Laser Fat Removal can be performed on various areas of the body including the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, etc.

The ASPS states that Laser Liposuction:

“Laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction, like traditional liposuction, are not a weight control method or a fix for obesity. They are used to help contour your body in those areas that are not responsive to diet and exercise such as saddlebags or a paunchy stomach.”

Details of the Smart Lipo Process:

Unlike regular liposuction, laser lipolysis can be performed under local or general anesthesia according to the amount of fat that needs to be extracted and the patient’s preference.

After this is decided, a small incision is created on the patient’s skin through the use of a medical-grade cannula (hollow tube) which houses the laser technology and saline solution.

Once it is placed in the proper layer of skin, the energy of the laser is released to target the area concentrated with fat cells. With the saline solution and the powerful laser, the cells will dilute and be reabsorbed through the small cannula.

Due to the nature of this non-invasive procedure, hospitalization or intensive recovery is not necessary. Any bleeding or bruising that may occur will be minimal in comparison to traditional invasive liposuction. This procedure usually works best on body regions with high fat such as:

  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Abdomen
  • Neck (double chin)
  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Flanks

Benefits of Smartlipo New Jersey

SmartLipo can transform the figure of an individual, creating a more toned figure all while reversing the effects of aging. This procedure can eliminate fat deposits in areas of the body that fail to respond to exercise and dieting routines.

Although Laser Fat Removal treats small areas, a significant amount of fat can be removed without significant scarring. SmartLipo has been proven to be one of the safest cosmetic procedures producing some of the best results. Typically, patients have very minimal post-operative discomfort and only take one to two days to recover.

Since the design of the laser fat removal is aimed to target specific and smaller sized areas, this treatment has proven to improve outcomes and results for both the patient and the surgeon.

The key to a successful result is correctly calibrating the laser according to the patient’s amount of fat; this is why it is very important to select a doctor that is highly-trained in using Laser Fat Removal technology.

A calibrated laser provides for a reduced inflammatory response, sealed blood vessels for reducing bleeding, firm and smooth skin. Because of the minimal impact, there is virtually minimal bruising or discomfort after the procedure.

Smart Liposuction only required one treatment to adequately remove fat deposits therefore, patients will save time and money by going forth with this procedure.

Ideal candidates for Smartlipo

The SmartLipo procedure is designed to improve the appearance of patients at a normal body weight, but with stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of the body. Both men and women who want to look healthier and eliminate fat that can be difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise, are great candidates for the Laser Fat Removal procedure.

Individuals who want a tighter and more toned look can also benefit from this procedure. This technique is most effective in patients who have tighter skin with good texture.

Summary of Ideal Patients for this Procedure:

  • Patients with Normal BMI Range
  • Patients with stubborn localized fat
  • Patients who wish to improve their outlook through fat elimination
  • Patients who need to return to daily activities promptly
  • Patients who want a slimmer appearance

Smartlipo treatment areas

Performed on almost every body part imaginable, the most commonly requested areas for laser lipolysis are listed below:

  • Waist
  • Flanks- “Love Handles”
  • Hips
  • Upper Arms
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Upper Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Anterior Thighs
  • Knees
  • Lower Legs
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Cheeks

Smartlipo vs. liposuction

While both procedures have been performed throughout the years with beneficial results, both the SmartLipo and Liposuction treatment have their advantages and disadvantages.

Preciseness: In Laser Lipolysis, Plastic Surgeons can foresee their next move with the ThermaView the machine provides. This monitor (attached to the equipment) allows doctors to see the temperature of the area which is being penetrated allowing an exact view of what areas to suction, what areas to avoid, and when they can move on from a region.

ThermaView gives doctors a more precise control of suction application through the use of energy heat, which is given off through the cannula.

This built-in safety feature allows heated areas to appear in red while the skin, muscle, and fat all have different color temperatures. Unlike traditional liposuction, this feature gives the surgeon more mobility and no need for an external thermal camera for areas that need exact precision.

ThermaView SmartLiposuction shares real-time insightful views nut warning the surgeon when the highest recommended skin temperature is reached.

Technique and Recovery: Smart Liposuction and Regular Liposuction both utilize a medical-grade cannula to suction the fat cells out of the targeted area. However, SmartLiposuction uses laser energy to “liquefy” the fat cells first and then makes use of the cannula for removal.

In traditional liposuction, the cannula is inserted and is used to heat and suction the fatty areas. Therefore, in Smart Liposuction, a patient can experience less recovery time due to the minimal bruising that is induced during the procedure. Additionally, compression garments are required after completing traditional liposuction; however, these are only necessary for a week after the procedure.

Skin Tightening: Within the Laser Fat Removal procedure, patients experience the added benefit of skin tightening by way of the laser technology. Because normal liposuction does not offer this tightening ability there is a rare chance for patients to experience sagging and dimpling after the procedure is completed. This is seen most commonly in elderly patients who do know have as much skin elasticity.

What smartlipo results can you expect?

After SmartLipo, patients will be alert. There is still some local anesthesia left, which helps minimize the natural pain that occurs after surgery. Patients will not suffer from nausea, or the “washed out” feeling caused by general anesthesia. Swelling and bruising are healed relatively quickly.

Patients may return to work and resume regular activities two days after this procedure is performed. Compression garments are typically worn only during the first two weeks after Laser Fat Removal while after traditional liposuction patients will need to wear them for six weeks.

Preparing for a Smart Liposuction procedure

Your initial consultation

During your initial consultation for the Fat Lipolysis, the doctors will properly evaluate you in determining if you an ideal candidate for this procedure. After the evaluation, they will discuss what lipo technique best suits your body composition.

Together with what is possible and your desires, together, you will decide what results you would like from the procedure. During your pre-op appointment, your surgeon will also provide a list of medications and items you will need for your surgery.

It is important for patients to follow all instructions provided by the doctor in order to have a successful surgery without complications. At least a month before the scheduled surgery date, patients must stop consumptions of:

  • Alcohol which prevents wound healing
  • Smoking can increase the chance of complications
  • Discontinue use of blood thinners, Aspirin, alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements.
  • Remember, the doctor will provide a list of specific medications that should be avoided.

Before your surgery, you should gather these items and be ready. Some of these items include loose clothing, ice packs, stool softeners, bandages, pain medication, and healthy foods and drinks.

Smartlipo risks and side effects

Just like most other surgical procedures, there are complications and risks that are involved with the Laser Liposuction. Because this procedure involves a fat transfer and liposuction to achieve a more attractive and youthful look, both of these techniques have their own set of risks including asymmetry, hematoma, infection, embolism, overcorrection, prolonged swelling, fat necrosis, under-correction, and nerve damage

The SmartLipo procedure has a very short recovery period and is less severe than traditional liposuction. This minimally invasive procedure produces minor to moderate discomfort, swelling, and bruising.

Therefore, you may need just a few days of rest to fully recover. During the recovery period, doctors recommend that patients refrain from heavy activity and follow a low sodium diet.

The results of the procedure are typically visible immediately after surgery, but the final results are usually seen after a few months. The best way to avoid these complications is following your surgeon’s orders. You should avoid blood thinners, stop smoking, stay hydrated, stop drinking alcohol, and arrange for care.

How much does SmartLipo cost?

The cost of Laser Fat Removal varies depending on the areas chosen and the number of fat deposits being removed from the area.

Generally, smaller areas with less fat cost less than the larger areas. If you are interested in getting SmartLipo, it is best to book a consultation with your doctor for more specific details and an accurate estimate for the procedure cost.

For more information on the highly popular Laser Lipo procedure, call us today at 973.3.998.9833 to schedule a consultation.



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