Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery

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Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgeries For Adolescents

Dr. Michael Nusbaum and our medical staff at Nusbaum Nusbaum Weight Loss Centers of New Jersey are leaders in weight loss for adolescents. For over 25 years, our highly-trained weight loss team has worked with children who struggle with their weight and have successfully treated many children who have since changed paths, made lifestyle changes and have lost significant weight with our medical weight loss system. Dr. Nusbaum is a world leader in teenage weight loss. He has discussed adolescent weight loss on Dr. Oz,, Readers Digest, NJ Biz and many other news outlets over the years.

Obesity, an issue historically linked only to adults, has been growing at alarming rates among teens. Currently, nearly a quarter of American teenagers are overweight or obese. Weight-related issues and diseases, almost unheard of in adolescents just a decade ago, are becoming increasingly common. In fact, the rate of diabetes in obese adolescents has increased 33% in the last decade alone.

In our experience, teen patients could see a 30% to 60% loss of excess weight and it can be maintained by following our system. This is a life-changing experience at a time when young adults are developing their self-image and beginning the socialization processes. There is no reason why a teen should struggle with their appearance or rejection issues as a result of obesity. Contact our office today and schedule a confidential appointment with your child to see what options may be available for them.

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